Murex Services

We manage your property well, so you don't have to.

Our Management Objective

We achieve the financial objectives of the property owners and at the same time maintain, preserve, and improve the community while providing focused customer service. We treat your property as if it were ours, ensuring you make the most profit while keeping your residents serviced at all times. A business is only as good as the product it delivers to its customers.  We believe that success should be measured by the satisfaction of our residents and tenants.  In our residential communities, quality of life and pride in calling our community “home” are essential goals we strive for each day.

We’re successful because we provide proven management strategies that make life easier and more profitable for owners. Period.

Monthly Service Statement

Murex will consistently provide monthly Profit & Loss statements, as well as Balance Sheets with variance explanations for each property managed. We believe you cannot approve upon what you don’t measure.

Cost Control

Murex & its associates manage residential communities throughout the country. This provides a broad base of purveyor and professional contacts to competitively bid all facets of community maintenance, improvements and administration. Historically we have proven to be innovative in finding cost containment procedures and at the same time increasing the level of service.


Budgeting is both a science and an art. Our experience over several decades of operating residential communities with multiple amenities has demonstrated our ability to consistently achieve the economic budgets that are prepared annually and approved by the Owner.

Rent Collections

Through the systematic and timely execution of stringent management procedures we have been successful in reducing and minimizing accounts receivable.

Banking Services

Murex utilizes all state of the art banking services electronic processing to make collections and accounts payable more user friendly and functional..

Branding & Web Design

Murex also provides world-class graphic and web design, in order to update and keep current community logos and marketing material – including web, print, outdoor, on-site and social media.