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Our Team

Property management is only as good as the on‐site staff and their supervisors.

It is in the daily interaction between our customers and staff that we are given the opportunity to put our philosophy into action. We realize that Murex Properties is only as good as the people who help build it. To be part of Murex, an individual must be dedicated to “doing it the right way.” Conscientiousness, courtesy, and care are part of each working day. A willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions and show initiative are the characteristics of a successful Murex team member. Murex seeks to create an environment where each individual can succeed at work and in one’s personal life.

Steven P. Adler
President & CEO

Eric Zimmerman
Chief Operating Officer

Wesley B. Perry
Chief Financial Officer

Kristy L. Hayden
Executive Vice President

Joe Botteron
Director of Acquistions

Grady Hunt
Regional Vice President

Alex Williams
Regional Vice President

Tim McGuire
Regional Vice President

Angie Arias
Accounting Manager

Julia Ascua
Junior Controller

Kari Edwards
Operations Coordinator